Situated in the beautiful countryside of Durham, I founded Thoric Solutions in 2015 to serve expert LabVIEW support. Whilst I build my portfolio, I am currently best placed to provide remote LabVIEW consultation work for local customers, but all opportunities will be considered so please feel free to contact me.

Backed up with the highest certifications in LabVIEW, I have many years of proven experience providing expert solutions for a wide variety of Industrial areas, including pharmaceutical, R&D, digital RF, automotive testing, incorporating advanced software solutions including multi-axis system control, high-channel count acquisition and data processing.

I am also highly active in the global LabVIEW community, attending and presenting at international conferences on advanced LabVIEW topics. NI awarded me with the prestigious LabVIEW Champion status, in recognition of my continued contributions and dedication to the furtherment of LabVIEW.

I always attend the NI Days UK event in London, so come along and find me for a chat - I'm always happy to talk about LabVIEW!