Real-Time and FPGA

Sometimes the intricacies of a standard PC cause too much complication to ensure reliable execution of your software. For solutions where a more determinable level of operation is required we often turn to simpler Real-Time targets that provide us with much greater reassurance when executing our code. National Instruments offer a wide range of powerful Real-Time platforms that support a wide array of hardware interfaces and, of course, the LabVIEW software language.

By incorporating NI Real-Time hardware into your project you can create robust and reliable solutions for almost all industrial situations. The NI Real-Time offerings range from efficient CompactRIO systems, embodied in industrially ruggedised chassis that integrate a wide range of control and measurement interfaces for connecting to almost any sensor you can imagine, through to powerful PXI platforms for addressing very demanding challenges, such as for the wireless communication R&D domain.

At Thoric Solutions, I have experience in a wide range of industrial projects from simple data logging and analysis systems that incorporate the economically budgeted integrated CompactRIOs, through to leading edge digital RF solutions built on the award winning PXI technology.

Typically, higher end high-throughput solutions take full advantage of the exceptional performance of FPGA processors. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) offer unrivaled determinism, ensuring the highest levels of reassurance towards software execution, regularly at speeds unattainable with traditional CPUs. FPGA based solutions are the industry expectation where high speed signal processing is required.

Developing for FPGA targets is a much more involved and complex challenge, for which NI offer the Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer certification (CLED). With this certification I can offer you assurances that I understand and can develop efficiently for the highly complex field of FPGA.


Certified labview embedded systems developer (CLED) - your reassurance of our ability