Great software is a pleasure to use and belies high levels of complexity often unappreciated by the end user. The creation of well structured maintainable software requires careful design and the integration of proven frameworks, often overlooked by some software developers.

At Thoric Solutions, I adopt professional software engineering practices to ensure I deliver the right solution to you. Requirements management to ensure the problem is fully understood, design specifications to ensure the solution is the right fit, thorough software development and testing to provide reliability and coverage assurances, and final documentation to ensure you are well positioned to take ownership of the delivered product.

These approaches ensure the right software solution is prepared to satisfy your project needs in as short a timeframe as possible, keeping the budget down and the delivery expectations met.

Of course, if your specifications are not entirely known and you need maximum flexibility from someone to work with your evolving project, strategies such as the AGILE development methodology provide you with the reassurance that development efforts are always being steered to align with your company's direction.

If you need a software engineer on your team, please use the contact us form to talk about how I can help you.